May 14, 2020
Gum Graft: What is it and Why is it Necessary?

Gum Graft: What is it and Why is it Necessary?

Most patients haven’t heard the term “gum graft” until they are facing a situation where the treatment is necessary. If you aren’t familiar with this procedure, then it might sound overwhelming to have tissue grafted for your gums. But, there is nothing to worry about! Gum graft techniques have been perfected over the years, offering great results that can protect the quality of your teeth.

What is a Gum Graft?

There are times when poor dental habits or gum disease cause the gums to recede. This recession results in a situation where the root of the tooth is exposed. The root should be protected by the gums, so you might face dental complications in the future if the condition is left untreated.

During this dental procedure, the dentist will use a piece of tissue from another part of your mouth. That tissue is placed over the exposed root. Then, you will need to use caution during recovery to allow time for the tissue to heal.

Why You Might Need This Dental Treatment

Gum grafts are only suggested if other gum treatments are ineffective. If your dentist suggests a gum graft, then you need to consider the treatment for several reasons. Gum grafts are beneficial because:

  • The tissue covers up the root that shouldn’t be exposed
  • Improvement to the gums helps to reduce the risk of tooth loss
  • A graft is helpful to decrease bone loss
  • Tooth decay is prevented since the root is no longer exposed
  • Sensitivity is minimized because the nerves are protected by the gums
  • Boost the appearance of your smile with the right ratio of teeth and gums

Usually, gum recession occurs due to poor dental habits. The best solution is to be consistent with regular brushing and flossing to avoid gum disease, which in turn reduces the risk that you will need a gum graft in the future.

If your dentist recommends a gum graft, then you shouldn’t be worried about the treatment. You will experience a little pain after the surgery, but the long-term benefits of saving your tooth and protecting your smile are worth the discomfort of the treatment.

The only way to know if you need a gum graft if by scheduling an appointment with an experienced dental team. Contact us at Millennium Dental to set an appointment so that we can identify the right treatment plan to match your needs.


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