Tooth Extractions in West Loop Chicago, IL

No one likes the idea of having their teeth removed, but there are certain situations when tooth extractions might be necessary. Here at Millennium Dental, our goal is to focus on your dental health, and we will do everything that we can to help you protect your natural teeth. If we encounter a situation where tooth extractions are needed, then we will make sure that the appointment is as smooth and comfortable as possible.

Typically, tooth extractions are considered a last-resort treatment to protect your dental health. Our goal is to identify dental problems in the early stages so that minimally invasive treatments can be used first. But, if a problem has become severe, then it might be necessary to pull the tooth.

Why do You Need Tooth Removal?

There are several reasons why tooth removal might be suggested for your dental health. These are three of the main causes of tooth extraction:

In the situation of misalignment, it is possible that certain teeth might be blocking other teeth from growing in properly. Or, if you have limited space in your mouth, then it might be best to have tooth removal treatment to free up the space that is available for orthodontics. When teeth are removed for orthodontic purposes, the dental and orthodontics teams will work closely to achieve the best results possible.

When a tooth is removed because of damage or decay, then it is essential that you don’t delay treatment. An infection can lead to other dental problems, and the dentist might make the suggestion to have a tooth removal treatment in order to prevent those problems.

Tooth Extraction Appointment

Tooth Extractions West Loop Chicago, ILIf you need to have a tooth extraction procedure, then there is nothing to be worried about! While you are sitting in the dental chair, your mouth will be numb so that you don’t feel the pain of the extraction. There are some situations where a tooth is impacted in the jawbone, which might require sedation for the extraction. We will talk with you about your situation to determine the best method to remove your tooth.

After the tooth has been removed, you will be asked to bite down on gauze for a little while so that the socket can stop bleeding. Then, you will be need to be careful about the care of your mouth to prevent infection and dry socket.

For more information about tooth extraction cost and how this treatment is done, we invite you to call our office any time.


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