Root Canals in West Loop Chicago, IL

Most people cringe at the idea of having a root canal treatment, but the truth is that the technology has come a long way over the years. Now that we have modern methods that can be used to complete a root canal, the procedure is fast and often painless, allowing you a more comfortable experience as you relax in the dental chair.

There are certain situations where a root canal is needed if you want to protect your teeth, and it is best to follow the recommendations of your dentist if a root canal is needed. Here is a little more information about the service so that you can understand the root canal treatment:

Why Endodontics are Necessary

Root Canals West Loop Chicago, ILSometimes, a tooth might become infected on the inside area of the tooth, and it is necessary for the dentist to remove the decay and clean out the infection. When this infection is located on the interior of the tooth down to the root, then a root canal treatment is used to maintain the outer structure of the root and still clean out the tooth. The endodontist will drill into the tooth, then use specialty tools that can thoroughly eliminate the infection that is present.

Once the infection has been removed, the dentist will seal up the tooth and place a crown on top to keep it protected. This technology allows you to keep your natural tooth in your mouth, instead of having the tooth extracted because of infection.

If there is an infection in your tooth, then it is necessary that you seek dental treatment from an endodontic specialist as soon as possible. An infection that is left untreated can continue to spread, causing additional damage and potentially affecting other teeth nearby. When treatment is delayed, it might result in a situation where the tooth can no longer be saved, which means that you might need to consider a tooth extraction instead of a root canal. The goal of the root canal treatment is to save the tooth so that it doesn’t have to be pulled.

Preparing for Your Root Canal Therapy

Has a dentist suggested that you have endodontic therapy? There isn’t much that you need to do to prepare for your appointment, other than schedule a time to visit the dentist office. Once you arrive, you can sit back and relax while the experts handle the treatment for you.

You will be glad that you received a root canal filling, because it will remove the pain that you were experiencing. For more information about root canals and other dental treatments, we invite you to contact our office to schedule a consultation.


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